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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
03/13/2019 Jaehyun Team No Limit
03/13/2019 Sniper White Water
03/13/2019 Rich Lost Judy
03/13/2019 KyoCha TwTnyang
03/13/2019 NaCHoJin BullNotUm
03/13/2019 HongCoNo BullNotUm
03/13/2019 Hide TwTnyang
03/13/2019 duckdeok Duckpest
03/13/2019 DDuDDu TwTnyang
03/13/2019 reset Duckpest
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Date Tournament / Stream Stage
2019 Division S America - Phase 1 Group Stage 1
Round 1 Looking for Work Looking for Work
vs Best of 5
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
Agon League Season 3 - Group A
Round 8 DHN DHN vs Cyberkotlets Cyberkotlets
Game 1 Kel'ThuzadAnaGarroshImperiusHanzo
Round 3 DHN DHN vs Rage & Quit Gaming Rage & Quit Gaming
Game 1 HanzoGarroshImperiusMalfurionJaina
Agon League Season 3 - Group B
Duo Abuse Gaming inc. Duo Abuse Gaming inc. vs NTime NTime
Game 1 HanzoGarroshAnaGul'danVarian
Round 3 Speed Gaming Speed Gaming vs Hold_my_Beer Hold_my_Beer
Game 1 Anub'arakJainaStukovJunkratFenix