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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
02/17/2017 DDuDDu Supreme Mixtape BlossoM
02/17/2017 NoCHAT Supreme Mixtape BlossoM
02/17/2017 Wiz Supreme Mixtape BlossoM
02/17/2017 Scarlet Supreme Mixtape BlossoM
02/17/2017 Judy Supreme Mixtape BlossoM
02/11/2017 Henn1ng MAA
02/11/2017 IHotWoan MAA
01/31/2017 Magi King God Emperor Mighty
01/31/2017 JOKER King God Emperor Mighty
01/31/2017 NaSang King God Emperor Mighty
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eSports Calendar

Date Tournament / Stream Stage
HGC North America - Open Division Cup 3
HGC Korea Group stage
HGC Korea Group stage
HGC Europe - Open Division Cup 4
Western Clash Playoff
Western Clash Playoff
Western Clash Playoff
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
HGC Korea - Group stage
Round 3 MVP Miracle MVP Miracle vs Raven Raven
Game 1 ZeratulMalfurionLi-MingFalstadMuradin
GG GG vs BlossoM BlossoM
Game 1 MalfurionGul'danSgt. HammerE.T.C.Leoric
HGC North America - Group stage
Round 5 Team 8 Team 8 vs Team Freedom Team Freedom
Game 1 RagnarosTychusZeratulRehgarArthas
Tempo Storm Tempo Storm vs Superstars Superstars
Game 1 ZeratulFalstadLi-MingJohannaRehgar