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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
01/15/2019 valbeatbox France
01/15/2019 Alchemists France
01/08/2019 ChikaBowWow Finland
01/08/2019 TheDüke Finland
01/07/2019 stalk Russia
01/07/2019 Talouf Belgium
01/07/2019 Laranas Germany
01/07/2019 GoTeRRoR Poland
01/07/2019 Henn1ng Sweden
01/07/2019 Svampgrotta Sweden
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
EU Nexus Contest - Playoffs
Grand Final France France vs Russia Russia
Game 1 MalfurionArthasJainaThrallMuradin
Loser Final Sweden Sweden vs Ukraine Ukraine
Game 1 TyrandeDiabloLeoricJainaZeratul
1/2 Final Russia Russia vs Sweden Sweden
Game 1 HanzoAnub'arakLeoricMalfurionGenji
1/2 Final France France vs Ukraine Ukraine
Game 1 HanzoJainaBlazeMalfurionMuradin