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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
06/05/2019 TigerJK SCUFFED BOYS
06/04/2019 Kure Team Feedem
06/04/2019 QopenHagen Denmark
06/04/2019 monkaS Denmark
06/04/2019 Mochrie Scythe Esports
05/27/2019 Meneldor Granit Gaming
05/22/2019 Mene another washed up Washed up
05/22/2019 Linked Nautilus Support Nothing Left
05/22/2019 HasuObs another washed up Washed up
05/22/2019 Mopsio Nautilus Support Nothing Left
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
2019 Division S America - Phase 1 - Group Stage 2
Round 5 Celeb Gaming Celeb Gaming vs Close To Death Close To Death
Game 1 SamuroJohannaLi-MingTyrandeFalstad
Round 5 Order of the Sleeping ... Order of the Sleeping Dragon vs Revive Esports Revive Esports
Game 1 AnaMuradinDehakaFalstadRaynor
GenjiThe Lost VikingsE.T.C.LucioSylvanas
2019 Division S Europe - Phase 1 - Group Stage 2
round 5 Nothing Left Nothing Left vs Go Next Go Next
Game 1 RexxarLi-MingJohannaFenixTyrande
round 5 Divine Vendetta Divine Vendetta vs La French Team La French Team
Game 1 DehakaJunkratMalfurionE.T.C.Tracer