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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
04/29/2019 Hide TwTnyang CE
04/29/2019 MXD Finland
04/25/2019 要听神明的话 Jiamo will protect everyone
04/24/2019 thewilq Ujemne Win Ratio
04/23/2019 Khroen HeroesHearth Esports
04/23/2019 Hide CE
04/15/2019 Rich Lost Judy Never Ending Story
04/15/2019 Lies Super Perfect Team
04/15/2019 365 CE Boluo
04/15/2019 Hide TwTnyang
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
2019 Gold Storm League - Round Robin Phase 1
Round 4 BTG-Cougar BTG-Cougar vs KiTN KiTN
Game 1 Anub'arakDehakaLucioRaynorZeratul
Round 4 KG KG vs OFD OFD
Game 1 AlexstraszaJohannaRaynorBlazeSylvanas
Round 4 TheOne TheOne vs Boluo Boluo
Game 1 RexxarTyrandeSylvanasJunkratGarrosh
Round 4 Super Perfect Team Super Perfect Team vs CE CE
Game 1 GenjiYrelJohannaJainaRehgar