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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
11/18/2017 Fan Gale Force eSports Tempo Storm
11/18/2017 Glaurung Tempo Storm
11/18/2017 CauthonLuck Tempo Storm
11/18/2017 Fury Tempo Storm
11/17/2017 Shad Zealots
11/17/2017 Mene Team Dignitas Fnatic
11/17/2017 Wubby Fnatic Team Dignitas
11/17/2017 scHwimpi Fnatic
11/17/2017 BadBenny Fnatic
11/17/2017 POILK Team Dignitas

Latest Matches

Date Drafts
HGC Finals - Finals
Final Fnatic Fnatic vs MVP Black MVP Black
Game 1 GreymaneDehakaAnub'arakKharazimFalstad
1/2 Final Fnatic Fnatic vs Ballistix Ballistix
Game 1 GenjiMalfurionAnub'arakUtherChromie
1/2 Final MVP Black MVP Black vs Team expert Team expert
Game 1 TracerLt. MoralesJohannaMalfurionZarya
1/4 Final Ballistix Ballistix vs Roll20 esports Roll20 esports
Game 1 TyraelAbathurKharazimLi-MingVarian