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Latest Transfers

Date Player From Team To Team
10/15/2017 Wellknown Cluster Unbalance Re:Zero
10/15/2017 Relic Re:Zero
10/15/2017 Tseron Re:Zero
10/15/2017 Overload Re:Zero
10/15/2017 Milkyway Re:Zero
10/14/2017 Gaemi Winners
10/14/2017 KCB Winners
10/14/2017 TrollKim Winners
10/14/2017 Rush Winners
10/14/2017 SeWooKang Winners
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Latest Matches

Date Drafts
HGC Korea - Phase 2 - HGC Crucible
1/2 Final Raven Raven vs Re:Zero Re:Zero
Game 1 VallaTassadarJohannaUtherDehaka
1/2 Final RRR RRR vs Winners Winners
Game 1 SonyaGenjiLucioAnub'arakStukov
GreymaneLeoricRehgarLt. MoralesGarrosh
HGC North America - Phase 2 - HGC Crucible
1/2 Final Even in Death Even in Death vs HeroesHearth HeroesHearth
Game 1 Gul'danE.T.C.SonyaBrightwingStukov
HGC Europe - Phase 2 - HGC Crucible
1/2 Final Leftovers Leftovers vs Team Good Guys Team Good Guys
Game 1 GreymaneJohannaStukovUtherKael'thas
TracerDiabloAurielGul'danLt. Morales