API updates and matches stats

Our latest update brings a few improvements to our API. If you are already using it, and are not planning to take advantage of the new content we have just made available, then you do not have to change anything in your code, as our new updated API is fully backwards compatible with the old version.

First off, we have added match statistics for every player when information about a single match is requested (ex. /matches/3097/), which are available from the drafts.picks.stats branch. This is an exact copy of the information that is obtained from the in-game aftermatch stats. Statistics on the teams can be found under the drafts.stats path.

The list of the chosen talent identifiers is available as the drafts.picks.talents node for each tier. To obtain a talent tree with captions and descriptions, you need to make a request by hero id and game version like /heroes/37/?game_version=40431. The game version for a particular match can be obtained from the corresponding field (game_version). Right next to it, you will find a couple of other new fields, specifically, the match format (series_format; Bo3, Bo5 and so on) and its duration in seconds (duration).

We have decided to not to provide derived statistics on the player, team and hero pages in order to avoid arguments as to how exactly it is and should be computed. Instead, we opted to make available the raw unprocessed data we use to compute our stats, and give you the freedom to interpret it the way you see fit, and build any kind of reports & ratings you like.

Finally, from now on, the calendar will feature the list of the upcoming matches. The same applies to our webcal, to which you can subscribe on our home page.

If you want to ask any questions or share your feedback please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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