Miscellaneous changes

Hi everybody!

This week we've prepared a batch of minor updates, which will hopefully improve the usability and informational value of the website!

We've removed the upper region and patch menu from the maps, heroes and meta pages, and replaced it with a universal filter, which was previously only available in the Custom section. The main motivation for this change was to get rid of empty reports appearing immediately after the release of a new patch. Previously, due to this peculiarity, one could have gotten an (mistaken!) impression that the website has little or no data available. Moreover, we feel that the change has simplified the navigation and added more flexibility in making the reports.

The map page has been redesigned and got new first pick statistics as well as most common composition reports.

The Previous matches section now shows the list of matches between the members of current rosters, instead of match history between the teams. This makes it possible to see the match history even after the organization changes, such as it happened with Tempo Storm (ex-Tempest) or Misfits (ex-mYinsanity).

Last but not least, we've listened to your suggestions and turned spoiler-free browsing mode on by default for new visitors. This means that match results will be hidden unless one explicitly opts in for spoilers. On top of that, we're now also hiding places on the tournament pages in spoiler-free mode, in order to avoid accidentally revealing the results.
If you hit a bug or come up with a suggestion on how to improve our website, please don't be shy and feel free to let us know in the comments section!

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