Multi-language support and UI improvements

Hi guys!

Our new update introduces several improvements as far as the user interface is concerned, and adds support for translating the website in multiple languages.

First and foremost, we have added filters and quick search function to the team and heroes pages, which would hopefully allow you to find the pages that you are interested in faster.

On the tournament pages, we have added scrolling when the number of sections is getting high, which is critical for tournaments such as the weekly ZOTAC Cup.

The last change is the addition of a section with the teams that are participating in a particular tournament. A good example would be the pages of Fall Global Championship and Gold Club World Championship tournaments.

Finally, the most important change of all: we have added the possibility to use the website in your native language. At the moment, the website is only available in three most popular languages (according to the visitor statistics), that is English, Russian and German. Your native language will be automatically detected by default, but you can switch the language anytime manually by clicking on the corresponding flag at the bottom of the page.

Not all parts of the website have been completely translated to far, but we are aiming to fix that in the next updates and will certainly appreciate your help. If you would like to contribute to the translations, please click this link. Feel free to suggest a language that should be added next, and we will open it up to collaborative translation.
Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to SlapJackNpNp for his help with translations and site contents. Let us know how did you like the changes in the comments section, do not be shy of reporting issues that you have encountered, and, finally, keep supporting us with your generous donations!
UPDATED 19/10/2016. Added Spanish translation. Thanks for the help to kullhots and gacob!

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