New feature: Match log!

Dear friends!

Today we are happy to present you with a new match analysis tool: the match log. You can find it in the Statistics tab. The data needed for this report is extracted from the replay files, thus it is only available for matches with replays.

Match log makes it possible to identify the key moments of the game that brought victory to the winning team, without watching the complete VOD or replay. All important game events are put together on a single chart!

First of all, the chart features how the difference in XP between the teams developed over time. The color code shows which team had advantage at each particular moment, and exact numbers are shown upon hovering the mouse over the line.

The upper and lower parts show the portraits of the heroes that were killed during the game. Hover the mouse over the portrait to find out who took part in the killing of the hero and when exactly did he die.

Of course, the picture would be incomplete without detailed information about game events. You will find this data in the middle of the chart. We show map-specific tasks, as well as captures of the bosses. The direction of the arrows shows which team has got an advantage (captured a boss, activated a curse, and so on). Additional information for the special cases is provided in pop-up boxes, as in how many shots were fired while capturing the altar on the Towers of Doom, how much damage has been inflicted by the temples on the Sky Temple, etc.

A comment on the Braxis Holdout map: the replays lack precise information about the filling percentage of the holding cells with zergs, so the numbers shown on the chart might deviate from the real numbers by up to 5%.
We hope that you will enjoy our new update! If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please let us know in the comments section ;) You can further support us by keeping your generous donations coming, or helping to translate the website in your native language at!

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