Players ratings, comparison charts and more

Hi folks!

You might have noticed that there weren't many updates to the MasterLeague website lately, except for adding new contents. That doesn't mean that we've given up on it at any rate! On the contrary, last month we've been working hard on a major update, which we're now ready to present to you.

Player ratings

We've been planning to introduce a system to assess players' performance for quite a while, but it necessitated a substantial amount of time to both investigate various approaches and collect the right data.

The first step that we had to take to make the said system work was to add to each hero the complete change history of its abilities and talents. This allowed us to merge hero builds that remained unaltered between patches. Consequently, we were able to collect game statistics for each hero across patches, which increased sample sizes and improved the accuracy of obtained ratings.

Keep in mind that the rating system still hasn't fully stabilized. We welcome your comments and suggestions with regards to how it can be further improved!

We've chosen the following parameters to individually estimate the performance of each player at the end of the match:

We employ so-called percentiles to rate the players, which is basically the same system as used in Overwatch for rating games. Individual player metrics are compared to the metrics of all other players (using the same hero and for the same period of time) and get rated with a number from 1 to 100. Resulting ratings are averaged to obtain what we call the Player Performance Rating (PPR), which is displayed in the match statistics tab. The higher is the rating, the better!

We also compute the all time average PPR, which is shown on the player's profile page for each of the heroes. Sometimes the rating can't be computed because there weren't enough games played with a given hero withing the requested period of time (or we don't have the replays for those games).

Finally, we've added a player comparison page where you can find a nice chart displaying average PPRs, as well as a table with all time averages for each metric. Please note that metric PPR is a more accurate characteristic as compared to the raw all time average of the metric, because the former factors in the differences between the patches. Therefore, the values in the table may differ from the points on the chart.

As already mentioned above, the rating accuracy critically depends on the number of processed replays. At the moment, we only have the replays for about one half of all matches in our database. So, if you stumble upon a match for which you have a replay, please do take a moment and send it our way to . We will be hugely grateful to you, just as we highly appreciate the help of all those who are currently supplying us with replays on a regular basis: CyaSteve, DJTyrant, InVerum, JHow, SolidJake, HappyZerg and Ogrs TV.

Miscellaneous changes

In addition to the player comparison page as described above, we've added a subsection featuring the full history of player transfers between the teams to the players section.

After NA Fall Regional #2 there's been quite some discussion regarding potential advantages for the teams of picking the heroes first during the draft. We aren't going to try to convince you one way or another, but rather we'd like to offer additional statistics for your consideration.

On the tournament and meta-report pages you can now find the list of the most popular first pick heroes together with the win rate for each of them, as well as the total first pick win rate for the whole tournament. Just next to it there's a table featuring most popular compositions by number along with the corresponding win rates.

The matches list can now be filtered to only include the games with VODs and/or replays.

We really hope that you'll enjoy this update and please feel free to share your opinions and ideas in the comments section!

Last but not least, we'd like to thank everybody who's been supporting us until now, including our donors: Josh Howard, Chung Lee, Bernhard Happach, Jesse Kelaidis, Marijn De Smedt and Abyss. Owing to your contributions we're able to keep our servers running, all the content is accessible at no cost and with a minimal amount of ads. If you'd like to join this honorable company, please make full use of the "Donate" button now and we'll be more than happy to add your name to the credits section ;-)

UPDATED 16/09/2016. Chung Lee, thanks for your donation! ;)