Predict HGC matches results, earn points and win prizes!

Interested in eSports? Always up to date with the latest HotS meta? Want to try your luck and win prizes?

With the start of HCG leagues in all regions coming up, we are opening a new section on our website dedicated to all those who want to try their hands at predicting results of the matches between the professional teams. In order to join the competition you only need to log in with your account and make your predictions as to what are going to be the results of the upcoming matches.

The list of matches is limited to the games by the teams from the HGC leagues of the following regions: Europe, North America, South Korea and China. HGC Open Division is not included. The competition is open till the end of the first phase of the matches from the HGC leagues concluding in the month of March (including Western and Eastern Clashes).

Pick the score by selecting one of the available options from the drop-down menu. You can change your mind until the match has started. Predictions are accepted till the starting time of the match specified on the website (it might occasionally differ from the actual starting time).

When the match starts, it is automatically moved to the Ongoing matches section. In this section you can track the current score in the real time and if you hover your mouse over it, your prediction and the total number of predictions for this match will be revealed. The lengths of the blue and red bars under the names of the teams are proportional to the number of bids on the corresponding team victory.

As soon as the match ends, it will be moved to the Completed matches list and your reward will be displayed in the last column. The latter will vary according to your insight: in general, if you correctly guessed the winner, but could not predict the exact score, you will be awarded less points. If you could neither guess the winner, nor the score, you don't loose anything. The exact rewards as a function of the match format and your performance are given in the table below:

Best of 1 Best of 2 Best of 3 Best of 5 Best of 7
Predicted winner 10 15 10 10 10
Predicted score 10 15 20 30 40

The prizes will be awarded to the players, topping the leaderboard by the ending date of the challenge. If the score is equal, the priority will be given to the player who registered first (the sorting order matches the leaderboard).

The information about the prizes and how they are going to be distributed will be announced at a later stage.

Few final comments: we had to implement this functionality on a very tight schedule, which, unfortunately, meant that we are not going to be able to pursue all of our ideas. Specifically, we could not yet realize automatic updating of the match results and countdown until the beginning of the match, so do not forget to reload the page from time to time, or else you might miss the boat! We will do our best to improve the UI in the next updates.

Be careful! The spoiler toggle is disabled in this section for obvious reasons.

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