Prediction challenge Season 3 results!

Dear friends,

The third season of our prediction challenge is finally over, and it's time to honor our winners! To remind you, the top ten contestants according to our leaderboard will receive the following prizes:

1. Rennella Abathur Symbiote Hat
2. Cogito NECA Heroes of the Storm Arthas Action Figure
3. Japsu NECA Heroes of the Storm Tyrael Action Figure
4. KONGOoKONGOg Funko Pop! Vinyl Arthas
5. Foffaren Funko Pop! Vinyl Illidan
6. Piepje Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis
7. FuryPopsicle Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis
8. BlackHawk15 Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis
9. Morghul Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis
10. Ugoo Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis

Please drop us a line via from the account you used to participate in the challenge and tell dolohov#2961 (EU server) your full postal address where we should send it to! Keep in mind that we will need some time to post the prize, and depending on your country of residence it might take quite some time for it to arrive. You must contact us and request your prizes until 30 September 2017. Also, note that for countries outside of the European Union, local authorities might decide to impose some customs fees upon our parcels, which are, unfortunately, not under our control! Also, we can't exchange the prizes, or trade them for money.

The participants are also going to get a virtual token of recognition as well, and specifically the cool badges as shown in the picture. They will be visible on our site in your profile and the general leaderboard of the prediction challenge section. The rarity of the badge depends on the place you've got:

1 place Legendary
2-25 places Epic
26-100 places Rare
101-250 places Common
Our challenge is over, but we are eagerly waiting for the fourth season staring very soon! Everybody begins with a clean slate, which means that we welcome all and any participants, even if you missed the first three seasons.
In the mean time, hooray to the victors! Let's celebrate them with kind words, good wishes and respect!

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