Reworked team page and better filtering

Hi everybody!

Lately, we haven't had much in terms of major updates to announce. This is due to us being way too busy with our $DAYJOBs, so we really had to focus our efforts on top-priority tasks only. One such task we wanted to get done ASAP was to rework the team pages.

New team pages introduce rich filters, a number of most important statistical team KPIs, and the list of upcoming matches.

The new version is quite similar to the meta pages in terms of available reports, however, there are few important differences between the two. First and foremost, it is possible to pick the roster on the basis of which the statistical indicators will be computed. All previous rosters along with the change dates are shown in the drop down in a more clear way, as compared to the previous version.

However, in order to make full use of it, keep in mind the following caveat. If you pick a full roster of 5 players, the report will compute the statistics for the group of players covering the complete time span they have been playing together, irrespectively of the team membership. This is why you'll see the same statistics on Team Liquid, Misfits and mYinsanity pages for their latest roster. If you only pick a partial roster (less than 5 players), the stats will be shown for the time span till the next roster change. Keep in mind, that all data in the main tab as well as in the others (including achievements) is filtered according to the same rules.

The heroes filter, just like on the meta page, lets you filter the statistics not only by one hero, but also check out how successful is the team in terms of making use of hero combinations.

Yet another change has to do with tournament selection. First, we have noticed that not everybody realized how to use the "Show only main stage matches (exclude qualifiers)" option and what exactly does it influence. Second, the old system didn't allow to select statistics only for one specific stage, like HGC Crucible, Playoffs or Group Stage Phase 1 Part 2. Now this has become possible! However, we had to sacrifice a tiny bit of usability, because the stage list is already pretty big, but it can be conveniently searched. Nevertheless, we hope that you will get used to this new filter, which is, by the way, not only present on the team page, but everywhere on the website.

Finally, we want to thank you for using our website! In the last months, we've got a substantial increase in traffic, which hopefully means that we are moving in the right direction!
If you notice any problems, or get questions on how to use the website, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments, our twitter, or just drop us an email.

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