How can I get in touch with you?

If you would like to let us know about any errors, suggest possible improvements or have some general comments about the website, please feel free to post them on the feedback page. For any other inquiries please drop us an email at .

How can I support your work?

I hate ads, so there is only one banner on the main page. You can turn off AdBlock to support me that way. If you want to donate, please use the button below. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and (if you want) we will add your name to the Credits page.

Why the teams have so few played matches?

By the time the website got ready to be launched, we have filled the database only with the matches that got played at large tournaments between March, 2016 and June, 2016. However, we are definitively planning to further extend our coverage with older plays in the future.

Why the matches from smaller tournaments like ZOTAC or Go4Heroes are missing?

We started with large tournaments featuring well-established teams, but in the long term we are planning to include the plays from smaller tournaments as well.

Why don't you have any info about team XXX?

We are chiefly focusing on the most prominent teams and the teams from the second tier, which are often featured at various tournaments. If the team's line-up is in flux and it's not often to be seen at the top of the tournament tables, you're unlikely to find it in our database.

I've noticed that not all matches played at tournament XXX are present in the database, why so?

In order to add the match to our database, we need to precisely know the draft and the distribution of players to heroes. The easiest way to find this information is to watch the tournament streams and game recordings on YouTube. If nobody streamed and/or commented the games, we wouldn't be able to add it to the website.

Why the transfer date of a specific player is wrong?

The transfer dates on our website do not always match the official dates. We try to stick to the official dates, but it often happens that the player gets to play a significant number of games for the new team by the time the official announcement comes out. Sometimes, the team's line-up is constantly changing, but no official information is ever published. Linguistic divide can also play a role, especially when it comes to China and South Korea: it's often hard to get official information about player transfers between the teams in those countries. Therefore, we decided that in the case that the official announcement is lacking, we will take the date of the first match as the joining date.