Beyond The Game

Player Roster

Nickname Name Position
619 Huajian Zhang Warrior
Dancing Jin Yu Wang Assassin
Druid Qun Ni Peng Support
LLK Assassin
Bruiser Assassin


Date Place Tournament Prize
Win rate
Hero pool
FP win rate
Time dead
Avg. match
* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 7 replays out of 7 matches

Latest matches

Date Drafts
Gold Series Heroes League 2018 - Grand Finals - Group Stage
Round 1 Beyond The Game Beyond The Game vs TheOne TheOne
Game 1 Anub'arakMalthaelStukovOrpheaTychus
Round 1 Super Perfect Team Super Perfect Team vs Beyond The Game Beyond The Game
Game 1 DiabloTyrandeTyraelSgt. HammerJaina
Round 1 CE CE vs Beyond The Game Beyond The Game
Game 1 Mal'GanisGenjiAnub'arakSylvanasLucio