Czech Republic

Player Roster

Nickname Name Position
Reset Flex
dragoN Warrior
Kenny Support
Detha Assassin
SirKraider Flex


Date Place Tournament Prize
Win rate
Hero pool
FP win rate
Time dead
Avg. match
* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 7 replays out of 7 matches

Latest matches

Date Drafts
EU Nexus Contest - Group 3
Round 3 Czech Republic Czech Republic vs Denmark Denmark
Game 1 TyrandeDehakaHanzoAbathurIllidan
Round 2 Czech Republic Czech Republic vs Hungary Hungary
Game 1 TyrandeGarroshDehakaHanzoKerrigan
Round 1 Czech Republic Czech Republic vs Germany Germany
Game 1 JohannaRaynorDeckardBlazeAlarak
TyraelSgt. HammerJainaGarroshTyrande