Player Roster

Nickname Name Position
Overlord Jin-young Lee Assassin
Roxer Hong-gu Lee Warrior
Asgard Flex
Misen Seong Min Min Flex
Kcb Chul-bum Kwan Warrior


Date Place Tournament Prize
Win rate
Hero pool
FP win rate
Time dead
Avg. match
* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 9 replays out of 39 matches

Upcoming matches

Time until
2018 HGC Korea - Phase 2 - Group Stage 2
Ballistix Ballistix 0:0
Best of 5
GLuck GLuck

Latest matches

Date Drafts
2018 HGC Korea - Phase 2 - Group Stage 2
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Sgt. HammerLeoricDeckardAnub'arakHanzo
Round 4 Gen.G Gen.G vs GLuck GLuck
Game 1 HanzoDeckardGarroshBlazeJaina
Round 3 Team Feliz Team Feliz vs GLuck GLuck
Game 1 HanzoGarroshLi-MingAlexstraszaLeoric
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