MVP Miracle

Player Roster

Nickname Name Position
Cmoving Ki Soo Han Flex
Sniper Tae Hoon Kwon Warrior
dami Ju Dalm Park Assassin
JaeHyun Park Jae Hyun Support
Judy Oh Tae Seok Flex


Date Place Tournament Prize
07/23/2017 3rd-8th HGC Korea - Phase 2 $25,000
Win rate
Hero pool
FP win rate
Time dead
Avg. match
* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 27 replays out of 54 matches

Latest matches

Date Drafts
HGC Korea - Phase 2 - Playoffs
1/4 Final MVP Miracle MVP Miracle vs BlossoM BlossoM
Game 1 GenjiArthasMalthaelKharazimBrightwing
HGC Korea - Phase 2 - Group stage 2
Round 5 MVP Miracle MVP Miracle vs RRR RRR
Game 1 Lt. MoralesTracerRehgarTyraelMalthael
Round 4 MVP Miracle MVP Miracle vs Raven Raven
Game 1 TassadarGreymaneTyraelUtherMalthael
Round 4 Tempest Tempest vs MVP Miracle MVP Miracle
Game 1 VallaLt. MoralesUtherSonyaJohanna