Player Roster

Nickname Name Position
KyoCha Won Ho Jeong Flex
BlueB2tle Yeon-su Kim Support
Hide Jin Gyeong Hwan Support
Modern Jin-hak Jang Assassin
DDuDDu Ko Doo Hyun Assassin


Date Place Tournament Prize
Win rate
Hero pool
FP win rate
Time dead
Avg. match
* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 0 replays out of 20 matches

Latest matches

Date Drafts
Heroes of the storm league: REVIVAL - Playoffs
Finals TwTnyang TwTnyang vs Never Ending Story Never Ending Story
Game 1 MaievTyraelLucioSgt. HammerImperius
Semi Final 2 TwTnyang TwTnyang vs BullNotUm BullNotUm
Game 1 E.T.C.AlexstraszaSylvanasZeratulThrall
Heroes of the storm league: REVIVAL - Group A
LB Round 2 Team No Limit Team No Limit vs TwTnyang TwTnyang
Game 1 TyrandeE.T.C.SylvanasDehakaRaynor
Finals Lost Judy Lost Judy vs TwTnyang TwTnyang
Game 1 TyrandeE.T.C.RexxarGenjiRaynor
Sgt. HammerMalfurionZeratulFenixAnub'arak