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Date Place Tournament Prize
01/08/2017 4th Gold Series 2016 - Grand Finals $8,600
08/24/2016 4th Gold Series 2016 - Summer $15,000
06/20/2016 7th-8th Summer Global Championship $25,000
05/15/2016 3rd Gold Series 2016 - Spring $15,500
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* KDA, time spend dead and average match time are based on the analysis of the 73 replays out of 90 matches

Latest matches

Date Drafts
HGC China - Phase 1 - Group stage
Round 7 Xteam Xteam vs Super Perfect Team Super Perfect Team
Game 1 ZeratulTyraelRagnarosAurielGul'dan
DehakaSgt. HammerMalfurionMuradinGenji
Round 6 Xteam Xteam vs RPG RPG
Game 1 DehakaFalstadMalfurionStitchesGul'dan
Round 5 Xteam Xteam vs SoA SoA
Game 1 ZaryaAurielVallaE.T.C.Tyrael
Li LiLt. MoralesCassiaTychusJohanna
Round 4 eStar Gaming eStar Gaming vs Xteam Xteam
Game 1 TassadarMalfurionDehakaBrightwingZul'jin
VarianLt. MoralesTyraelZaryaValla