Power League - Season 2

General Information
Start Date 06/28/2016
End Date 07/23/2016
Format Offline
Location Seoul
Prize Pool $25,500
Total Matches 47
Description The tournament is played in the round-robin format. Every round, each team plays Bo2 matches and gets 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Two best teams from each group qualify for the playoff. The playoff is played in the double elimination format. All matches are played in the Bo5 and the grand final in the Bo7 format. The prize pool is divided among 16 teams, including 8 teams which didn't make it through the qualifiers (and about which no further information is available).
Place Team Prize
1st $8,500
2nd $4,300
3rd $2,150
4th $2,150
5th-8th $1,300

Tournament statistics

Map Matches Shortest Average Longest
Infernal Shrines 15
Sky Temple 11
Tomb of the Spider Queen 6
Battlefield of Eternity 5
Cursed Hollow 5
Dragon Shire 4
Towers of Doom 1
Summary 47