Gold Club World Championship

General Information
Start Date 11/11/2016
End Date 12/04/2016
Format Online Qualifiers / Offline Main Event
Location Beijing
Prize Pool $300,000
Total Matches 80

Eight of the world's top Heroes teams will be invited to battle it out inside the Water Cube for their slice of the prize pool; here’s how these invitees will be determined:

  • 2016 BlizzCon Champion (1 team)
  • HGC Fall Regional Champions of Europe, North America, and Korea (3 teams)
  • CN Gold Heroes League Summer Champions and Runners-up (2 teams)
  • GCWC Global Wildcard winners (1 team)
  • GCWC China Regional Wildcard winners (1 team)

Note: If the BlizzCon champions happen to be one of the HGC Regional winners, then that Regional’s runners-up will become eligible.

Place Team Prize
1st $90,000
2nd $70,000
3rd $50,000
4th $30,000
5th-6th $20,000
7th-8th $10,000

Participating Teams

EU Fall Regional #1
Astral Authority
NA Fall Regional #1
SK Fall Regional #1
China Region #1
Super Perfect Team
China Region #2
MVP Black
SK Fall Regional #2
eStar Gaming
China Regional Wildcard
MVP Miracle
Global Wildcard

Tournament statistics

Map Matches Shortest Average Longest
Dragon Shire 15
Infernal Shrines 15
Sky Temple 12
Battlefield of Eternity 10
Tomb of the Spider Queen 10
Braxis Holdout 8
Warhead Junction 4
Garden of Terror 3
Cursed Hollow 2
Towers of Doom 1
Summary 80