2017 Gold Club World Championship

General Information
Start Date 11/27/2017
End Date 12/10/2017
Format Lan
Location Bejing
Prize Pool $300,000
Total Matches 95
Description Returning for its second year, the Gold Club World Championship (GCWC) will play host to eight of the top Heroes of the Storm teams in the world. The tournament begins November 27 and will see a selection of HGC teams battle for their portion of a $300,000 prize pool in Beijing, China. The GCWC will serve as an exciting capstone for the 2017 calendar and a preview of things to come for the HGC in 2018. Here we will see newly assembled rosters face their first tests against top competition including giants like KSV Black (formerly MVP Black) and Ballistix, who might be testing out new lineups of their own. The GCWC field of teams represent the best in pro Heroes of the Storm, but these squads will have to earn their way to global events the hard way once the HGC's 2018 season gets going in January. 1st place - $80,000 2nd place - $70,000 3rd place - $50,000 4th place - $40,000 5th & 6th place - $20,000 7th & 8th place - $10,000
Place Team Prize
1st $80,000
2nd $70,000
3rd $50,000
4th $40,000
5th-6th $20,000
7th-8th $10,000

Participating Teams

Super Perfect Team
Beyond The Game
Roll20 Esports

Tournament statistics

Map Matches Shortest Average Longest
Dragon Shire 20
Infernal Shrines 18
Sky Temple 15
Cursed Hollow 13
Towers of Doom 9
Battlefield of Eternity 7
Tomb of the Spider Queen 7
Braxis Holdout 4
Warhead Junction 2
Summary 95